How to Build the Best Skincare Routine

Having flawless skin can be real! But only with the right daily routine. Simple steps that will refresh your skin and give it an irresistible glow with the wide variety of Clinique laboratories. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, you need to treat your skin kindly by following these steps to notice the difference in 3 weeks:


To keep your skin shiny, wash your face 2-3 times a day. Rinse your face with water then apply cleanser, and gently massage your face until you get foam. Pick what suits your skin from Clinique’s wide range of face cleansers.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, light formula cleansers are the best. For oily skin the 3-in-1 cleanser-scrub-mask is meant for you. It helps to reduce the appearance of visible pores and blackheads.


The next step is to use the toner, which is meant to be applied immediately after cleanser. It is made for removing excess oil and stubborn dirt. It helps to balance the pH of your skin with different formulas for each skin type.


So Just like your body will always need water, your skin will too. After cleaning skin will be ready to absorb the serum & moisturizer. Hydrate & save your complexion from anything that would damage its barrier, and give you that youthful glow you’re after!


Reinforce the delivered benefits through iD Active Cartridge Concentrate that can be combined with your jelly or creamy moisturizer into one unit. By inserting the cartridge into the base you can treat your skin with one of these cartridges that solve your concern:

-The Green Active Cartridge Concentrate for Irritation to comfort the skin with Lactobacillus probiotic ferment.

-Purple Active Cartridge Concentrate for lines & wrinkles to smooth lines & re-plump with Whey Protein.

-Orange Active Cartridge Concentrate for fatigue to revive glow with Taurine.

-Red Active Cartridge Concentrate for imperfections that restore the surface with Salicylic Acid.

-White Active Cartridge Concentrate for uneven skin tone, it helps to brighten with Japanese Angelica Root.


The skin around your eyes is thin and more delicate than the rest of your face. Don’t forget the daily eyecare & moisturizers that contain enough active ingredients. This step will help to reduce or prevent wrinkles and fine lines.


Finally, help make sunscreens part of your daily routine to protect your skin against the sun. With broad-spectrum UVA/UVB, sunblock and antioxidants will protect your skin from much environmental damages.