Perfume Language | How to Choose Your Perfume?

 Perfumes are one of the most important things that enhance beauty & express your identity and personality as each person has his own preference when it comes to fragrances. This blend of essential oils or natural extracts with complementary ingredients that may change your mood in moments & add a lot to your appearance, has 5 different types you must know to choose your perfume:


1- Perfume:

Perfumes known as highly concentrated where the fragrance oil is 20% to 30%. This type can be for special occasions because it’s strong & last for around 8 hours. 

2- Eau de perfume:

 The most popular of all perfumes types that holds a fragrance oil concentration of 15% to 20%, which is considered strongly concentrated and it can last for about 5 to 7 hours.

3- Eau de Toilette

This type is a popular one with a little less concentrated percentage, which is 5% to 15%. One of the best features that it provide a light scent that last for about 3 to 5 hours. It is the perfect choice for a daily use perfume.

4- Eau de Cologne

Simple and light beautiful scent that last for 1 to 2 hours, with 2% to 4% fragrance oil concentrated. This formula used for light type of perfumes and children perfumes.

5- Eau Fraiche

Similar to Eau de cologne, it is extremely light type and lasts for less than 2 hours. The fragrance oil concentration percentage of 1% to 3%.


Choose your note, a fragrance note describe the elements and formula to make a perfume. Further, you may notice that there is a stronger scent of an element more of the other such as Wood or Musk, which determines your favorite choices of scent. There are three basic types of fragrance notes:


Fragrance notes form a specific group or families for perfumes like; Aroma, Fougère, Chypre, Citruses, Wood, Oriental, Leather or Flowers. This means if most of the notes are for example floral then the perfume belong to the floral perfumes family and if the notes were mostly wooden then it belongs to Wood perfumes family and so on.