Back to School Easy Natural Makeup

Start the school day fresh, healthy & with a touch of glamour!

It is said that beauty is only skin deep, but outer appearances do matter. So a great start to your day is providing your body with a healthy breakfast, then doing your morning skincare routine, as it is your skin’s breakfast.

After that, you are ready to apply your light makeup which will leave you looking fabulous. If allowed, it is ok to do simple makeup for school, to give your skin that awake glowy look. By simple makeup, we mean that you have to avoid putting a lot of products or intense colours. This article will guide you to choose the essential makeup tools for your skin.



For a soft makeup look, it is always best to go with neutral colours and avoid dark ones or heavy foundations. Try out the alternative products, like BB cream, light powder, lip tint and lip gloss. Then, complement your face by applying a dab of a light colour blush on the cheeks with your fingers to accentuate it.

Doing makeup using the dabbing technique is always the answer if you have skin with acne, because some makeup tools may stress your skin. In this case, you have to treat acne first instead of hiding it with plenty of products.

Moreover, we recommend you to consult a dermatologist and regularly clean your face by using a face wash that consists of certain ingredients and moisturizers to improve your complexion, like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, or Alpha Hydroxy acids, as it may leave scars if not treated. For more read, How to Build the Best Skincare Routine.


Eyebrows are the most important feature you have, so spend more time on it by using Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil which creates ultra-fine lines and gives the illusion of natural brow hair. You can also browse the wide range of eyebrows pencils that will get them perfect like, Brow Reveal from Bourjois or Max Factor’s soft pens. 


If you have oily skin do not forget to sweep a powder all over your face, to reduce the shine throughout the day. We suggest you use a lightweight powder like Hello Happy Velvet powder from Benefit or Two-Way Cake Powder from Glam’s.

One of the easiest ways to create the appearance of glowing healthy skin is to use a BB cream enhanced with vitamins like C, E, A and B5, which help reduce the signs of fatigue. Try out Healthy Mix BB Cream from Bourjois and enjoy the results!


The next step is to swipe on your lip tint. As we mentioned previously that the key is to keep it simple and less is usually more. Therefore, brighten your lips by using a lip tint with light colours and blendable formula, like Tints from Benefit or Max Factor’s Lipfinity. You can use it as well to add a dimension by chiselling out your cheekbones.

Nails are important so you have to keep them short and clean by using a good nail clipper and nail file without touching the cuticles. Wear nude nail polish or sheer for a classic look. Check out the most popular nail colours which are trending this season. last but not least, do not forget to rub lotion on your hands to keep them from drying or cracking.

Now your complexion is ready! you will be fully geared up to kick off start your school day!