Oriental Perfumes | The Islamic Civilization Collection

The history of Arabian perfumes

The word perfume is a Latin word name “Per fumus” which means “through the smoke”. In fact, Arabs were among the first perfume creators when this industry began 4000 years ago.

The Islamic civilization and culture played a significant role in developing the perfume world. Muslims of Middle Eastern countries  improved and used natural ingredients and essences in medicine and perfumes.

Equally important, the muslim arabs were the first to invent the distillation process and use it in the perfume industry.  Also, The first to extract rose water and use many amazing aromatic notes .Many distinctive elements of Middle Eastern perfumery such as violet flower, sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, amber, mint, and many more.

Over time, perfumes became an intrinsic part of muslim culture.The Arab tradition of perfume has grown enormously, as have Friday and Eid rituals. With their distinctive fragrances, Arabian perfumes convey a heritage of life and luxury.

Today, we use both synthetic and natural ingredients. The natural components include extracts of flowers, leaves, roots, and citrus fruit. In addition to leather and honey, Arabs used many animal extracts derived from musk, whales or beaver.


Best Arabian perfumes:

The Islamic civilization collection offers you a different experience with an oriental whiff that takes you to the era of authenticity and prosperity. Tracing its roots back to the Islamic civilization with its attractive aromatic notes inspired by nature and herbs.


7 different Saudi made oriental unisex perfumes featuring luxurious ingredients. It has a vintage wooden packaging engraved with excerpts of historical information. It is derived from the book ‘A journey Through Islamic History’  by Yasmina Hashim & Muhammed beg.