4 Scents That Can Make You Happier

“I want the smell of coffee. To hold on, to stand on my feet. How do I smell the coffee in my cells” Mahmoud Darwish said.

Coffee may be a source of wakefulness & motivation for most people. Drinking coffee makes them more convinced that they will be able to improve their performance at work. The scent of coffee appears to boost our minds as it seems to create a placebo effect!

In fact, drinking coffee greatly affects brain functions, as it would increase the alertness of the brain, clear thinking, enhance memory, and reduce your feeling of stress and anxiety, but how could the smell of coffee give a brain boost?

Our response to smells is linked to emotional centers in the brain as well as to previous experiences, which give signals that affect our functional or mood states. For example, the smell of lavender can help you to feel more relaxed and calm, the smell of peppermint relaxes the breath as it expands the airway. Scents can trigger feelings and memories so there is no wonder the smell of coffee actually increases the energy.

By wearing a fragrance you are finding an effective way to improve your mood and boost behavior. The responsible here are hormones and chemical neurotransmitters that influence our feelings and actions. There are several hormones yet the most known ones are four hormones, namely: serotonin, endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin.

These hormones were the inspiration to release ‘IN’ collection perfumes from ‘Shababuna’ to express what we feel inside as if they represent these hormones. ‘IN’ fragrances are made from aromatic notes and compounds that stimulate the hormones of happiness whenever smelled. This collection contains four different fragrances:

In Seratonin Happiness Inside:

Serotonin is the happiness & sociability hormone. This hormone not only affects physical health like bone health and wound healing, but mental health as well. This hormone puts you in a good mood, combats depression and improves your sociability. Seratonin perfume consists of aromatic scent, blackberries, mandarin and apple are on top. In the heart note, you will get flowers, roses, and water lily while the base note is composed of sandalwood and musk.

In Endorphin Happiness Inside:

This perfume was made after the hormone of happiness and calmness, endorphin. The most important hormone in the body, that it calms pain and relaxes the body when excreted. The top note of the endorphin perfume are fruits and pear, the middle note is composed of peonies and freesia. Finally, the base note consists of pure wood, amber and musk.

In Dopamine happiness inside:

This hormone is released when we set goals and work steadily on achieving them. The balance of dopamine in the human body is very important, as it plays an important role in vital areas of the brain, affecting mood, sleep, study, focus and learning.

This perfume is a mixture of several aromatic notes such as bergamot, orange flower, flowers and jasmine. The base note consists of chypre, patchouli, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and vanilla scent. It is suitable for people who focus on their goals and work steadily to achieve them.

In Oxytocin happiness inside:

Have you ever heard that hugging increases the hormone of happiness & love? Oxytocin comes from good relationship bonds that give love and trust. This fragrance represents the hormone oxytocin or the so-called hugging hormone. It is composed of a group of fruits and red apples with rose, peony, jasmine and carnation, and in the base comes pure wood, amber and musk. This hormone is released from the strong bonds with the people around you when you feel loved and trusted.

Small things, big Happiness. Get ‘IN’ collection perfumes that can affect your mood and improve your feeling of happiness. These warm tones are 4 unisex fragrances, you will bring with you everywhere to boost your mood at any time. To know more about perfume find out the following, How to choose your perfume.