2021 Best Makeup Trends You’re Going To Love

Have you ever tried that bomb & bold yet cheerful look? This makeup trend is going viral on the Tiktok and everyone is enjoying it! It’s time to get the right colors for a modern and vivid look. It’s a fact, some colors might seem a bit extra flashy or unusual, but Lime Crime Makeup will impress you!

The Lime Crime brand is well known in the beauty community for its whimsical and colorful products. It’s the right choice for  savvy girls who love to flaunt their style. In addition to that, the products are vegan & cruelty-free.

Vibrant colors are making a style comeback as in this palette of matte eyeshadows. It will immerse you in nine bright & warm shades for more independence and trendy style. Starting from pink to golden yellow colors of a high-quality texture. Great colors that you can blend easily to match daytime makeup.

For daily, simple & rejuvenated makeup, these tools will be more than enough. Especially, when it comes to standing out your eyes & eyebrows naturally. First, brush your eyebrows using Lime Crime Bushy Brow Eyebrow Mascara Gel to shape, separate, and lift your brows all day.

Once it is dry and set, use the Bushy Brow Eyebrow Pen with its thin-as-a-pin precision brush. To get the perfect result, do not fill your eyebrow, but rather draw individual hairs, one superfine stroke at a time where the eyebrow hair is less or on the outer corner.

For eyes, choose the color you like from the Glory eyeshadow palette & apply only a small amount on the upper eyelid & define the bottom eyelid with the same color. For some final touches to this trendy look, use Velvetines Matte Lip Liner to fill the lips with a natural color, or wrap them with Wet Cherry Lip Gloss to give lips a glossy and hydrated touch that matches your eye makeup.

Tools used for this look:

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Eyebrow Gel

Bushy Brow Eyebrow Pen

Glory eyeshadow palette

Velvetines Matte Lip Liner

Wet Cherry Lip Gloss

For evenings, all you have to do is replace the eyeshadows with the set of Venus or Venus XL matte and glossy palette. Make your eyelids intensely shiny at night with Diamond Dew Glossy Eyeshadow in different colors for a more daring look. It is the perfect choice to make your eyes sparkle and transform your makeup completely for a dinner party or any special occasion.

For a complete look, add the trendy Velvetines Matte Liquid Lipstick with its velvet, gentle & light final touch on the lips yet strong & water-resistant colors. Before applying any deeply pigmented lipstick you should prepare your lips by gently exfoliating the lips to avoid clumping.

One of the best homemade exfoliators is ground coffee. After scrubbing either with fingers or a brush, your lips may feel dry, so it is advised to apply some moisturizer. Make sure to do this step before applying lipstick, so it runs easily and smoothly on your lips, without any lines that might ruin the look.

Moreover, if you are confused between sharp, cheerful, or new colored eyelids, it is time to get the two looks at the same time with just one tool. Lime Crime brand has recently released a set of multi-colored matte eyeliners; as the trend of colored eyeliner seems to be constant and renewed. Venus Matte Eyeliner is for every girl who is out of the ordinary with vibrant colors.

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