SENSI Professional Makeup Brushes Review

Professional Makeup artists agreed that good makeup brushes are important tools to help in wearing & applying makeup easily and smoothly. You must have been searching for the perfect set of brushes for scattering, blending and applying a variety of cosmetics as for creamy, liquid or powder products to sculpt your makeup nicely.


Scroll down to discover SENSI Professional Makeup brushes & say goodbye to all old brushes. SENSI cares about all small details of your makeup & ensures that you enjoy applying makeup with these good quality brushes. They are soft hair brushes yet durable for everyday use & when exposed to water or cleaning products.


Explore the brushes that you may need & understand the uses, you will find your guide according to the image, let’s start:

1- This brush is used to scatter and blend powder on the body & large areas of the face.

2- For scattering & blending face powder.

3- To scatter and blend blusher.

4- For applying and blending liquid foundation.

5- Blending brush.

6- Liquid foundation brush for areas difficult to reach.

7- Kabuki brush for applying and blending liquid foundation on face and body.

8- Bronzer and contour blending.

9- For concealer applying and blending.

10- Kabuki brush for eye foundation and liquid eye shadow.

11- Large Blending Makeup Brush for eyeshadow, edges, and colors.

12- Eye contouring brush, to define edges.

13- Blending eyeshadow.

14- Small concealer blush.

15- Smoothing edges, lines and camouflage Brush.

16- Small brush for blending eye inner edges.

17- Big edged brush for a winged eyeliner.

18- Angle eyebrow brush for thin delicate hairs.

19- Eyeliner brush for a thick lash line.

20- To smudge Kohl or eye pencil.

21-  Lipliner sculpting.

22- For shimmering eyeshadow.

23- For a delicate liquid eyeliner.

24- Lashes and eyebrows brush.

25- Two sides eyebrow brush for a firm brow look.

To make searching easier for you check SENSI Professional brushes, in a red leather kit contains 26 tools; 25 different usage brushes & a sponge to apply powder.

For a smaller traveling size kit check the complete brushes set from SENSI with an array of 6 brushes that cover all needs including contouring, highlighting, foundation, blusher, concealer & eyeshadow.